Thursday, February 27, 2014

I've Been Busy, I Swear!

You might have gathered that I've been too busy for my blog.  Since my last post, I've been learning how to be a dad and a game developer at the same time.  Both jobs are tough, but rewarding.  The project that I took on post CS:GO was finally announced recently, and closed alpha has begun for it.  If you are interested in that sort of thing I would suggest visiting for more info.

In other gaming news, I ended up buying the PS4 instead of the Xbone based on the fact that I didn't want to spend another 100 dollars for a camera I didn't want nor need, and the fact that Sony just seemed more game centric than Microsoft seemed to be.  So far, it's looking like I made the right choice seeing as the adoption rate has been stronger and perplexingly it seems like the xbox one just can't seem to hit that 1080p mark.

Really what it does come down to is integrated streaming and the fact that Sony had the foresight to have it at launch.  I think streaming is the defining feature of this generation of gaming, and I've even gone through some great lengths to make sure my internet was up to par in the past few months so I could regularly stream myself.

Streaming has been a long standing interest for me, but my current house happens to be out in the middle of nowhere and consistent fast internet is hard to come by.  Regardless of all of that, I've found a solution and I try to stream as often as I am muster between my job, being a dad and being a husband.

It's been a new and rewarding experience for the most part because streaming can turn any game into a participatory gaming event, very much like the MMOs that I prefer to play in general.

If you ever want to check my streaming page out go to and follow me there.

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