Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Start

I don't have a particular goal with this blog other than to talk about my gaming habits, the games that interest me, and being a game developer. I am just your normal guy with a high school education and a couple of semesters of community college under my belt, so high expectations on my grammar and spelling are going to probably be met with disappointment.

I'm not new to the blogging world in general, I've maintained a livejournal for about four years now, and generally keep from speaking about gaming stuff out of fear of people taking it for official company policy/slander/shilling, which is not the case here. I've put my disclaimer on the main page, as none of the views here reflect that of SOE.

I'm pretty much just a gamer who won the job lottery, and now I am a game designer. More on that later.

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Greenion said...

ha! found ya...wanted to say hi and to ask you never to call me "sir" agn did when ya replied to a pm heheh.

wanted to say hi...

btw : the wife has been quite officially ganked on venekor and is currently plotting a lengthy will read some of your stuffs...