Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Non-normal Life

Every day that I go to work I get to talk about video games. All day. I talk about making them, playing them, what I play now, and what I used to play. It is the subject of almost every conversation at work. If we aren't talking about video games we are talking about movies, roleplaying, and music.

How did my life get to be like this? I'm not complaining, but I live a weird life when I really sit down and think about it. Tonight I went to a club where women were eating fire and lighting body parts on fire while belly dancing. As crazy and exotic as it sounds, it's pretty normal in the scene that I hang out in outside of work to see this kind of display. If it isn't that, it's a fashion show, people hanging from the ceiling suspended by their piercings, or some other wacky thing that I've grown too jaded to really care about anymore.

It's not that uncommon for me to blow town and roll into Vegas for the weekend, drive up to San Francisco, or spend the day at Disneyland. Hell, I sometimes go to Disneyland a couple times a month!

Today at work I was thinking out crazy it is that I get to see all the "cool stuff" before all the rest of the cool kids that play EQ2 do. It wasn't that long ago where I was just some guy posting on the boards and playing EverQuest every day 6-8 hours a day wondering how awesome the next expansion is going to be, and how awesome it would be to be playing EverQuest 2 when it comes out. Coolness = playing in Kelethin before everyone else does, and getting paid for it.

What toll will it all take? Will I become so jaded that I can't enjoy movies games and music anymore? I admit, I'm way more jaded about the quality of games and the smoke and mirror tricks developers play to make a game "cool". Rarely am I really that impressed anymore. Even in music I feel the same way. The last musician to really freak me out in a good way was Joanna Newsome (she plays a harp and sings, and is all kinds of awesome in my opinion). I guess only time will tell.

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Greenion said...

open invite :

to accompany Greenion to a single day of his yearly mandatory pest control industry related continued education...last session involved three hours on cockroach reproduction and semi-colonial migration patterns...


any in home roach cleanout directly adjacent to any of many large local cattle ranches in my sub-tropical hometown.


summertime is always good for a few "i got a dead animal stuck under my trailer" calls...

the things i desensitize are like...a largish bug suddenly crawls out of my hair and perches on the brim of my cap.../ho hum...