Sunday, June 11, 2006

So Many Games, So Little Time

It would be an understatement to say that my gaming interests are varied. I have a chronic habit of buying games when I have several unfinished ones on various platforms still vying for my attention. Couple that with being a game developer for an MMO, being engaged to a wonderful girl, and trying to maintain friendships and it starts to get a little crazy.

Sure, I could drop the games and pay more attention to everything else, but this is my hobby and this is what I enjoy. Some people like to go out drinking and partying on the evenings, I like to game. I'm not sure who's habit is more expensive though, because things are starting to rack up around here!

In the past 2 of months I've bought Ghost Recon, Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, PGR, New Super Mario Brothers, and Half Life: Episode One. All of these games have been bought during the course of my 2 month revamping of the Commonlands in Everquest 2, the SOE Fan Faire in Atlanta that I attended, E3, and a trip to Las Vegas. In the meantime I still found time to get into EQ2 a few times and get into an ORE strip miner in Eve Online.

With the advent of LU 24 on the horizon, the release of The Fallen Dynasty adventure pack, and my outrageously big update to the Commonlands, everything feels like a giant spring waiting to uncoil next week. This weekend was an actual sigh of relief, thanks to the fact that my zone is pretty much good to go, and I have some time to kick back and take a look at all of this gaming goodness.

This is a great time to be a gamer. We have so many good games on the shelves and coming soon, its like being a kid in a candy store if you have the money and the inclination. It just takes some magic to balance life against the gaming, which I've become particularly adept at. I handle everything else first. Play games later. It works out pretty well, but whew! I'm getting behind with so many good games to play.

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Lonissa said...

I play on the test server and must say the changes to the Commonlands are amazing, great job!

My problem isn't balancing life with gaming, it's balancing EQII with gaming ... The last game I picked up was Final Fantasy X-2 for the PS2 after all :O