Friday, August 31, 2007

Good Times in the Palace of the Awakened

I couldn't tell you how many runs I've done in POA. 10? 100? Who knows! It's always the same thing though. You see, I'm a healer, and often the lone healer when I do these runs, so most of the time I have my head down paying attention to what I'm doing and following the tank around completely at the mercy of the group leader and whatever their goals are.

Wow, that was a long sentence!

Anyways, I almost invariably end up doing the same run for some quest (probably swords of destiny, sad thing is I really don't know why I am helping people on most runs because I haven't even tried to attempt these epic quests myself) which always takes me to the same spot, we kill the same guy and the group breaks up, or goes to some other instance.

Last night, I found a dragon I never killed before in there, and I was getting discovery xp like it was going out of style! I ended up getting an achievement point and am just a few blue bubbles away from another.

So, here I am not paying attention to healing as the tank pulls.


Jasmine said...

Servers down for almost 12 hours makes me a sad panda =(

Kiara said...

yeah so this is an oldish entry... but i just realized that you're a druid...

sok tho, i still love ya ;)

Killzum said...

WoW! It has been so long since I have been to PoA. Got bored of it at the time, now I feel a hankering for the place again..must go check it out for old times..

Adele said...

People who play healers = natural helper at heart:)