Monday, August 06, 2007

SOE Fan Faire 2007

It's 2AM, and I don't know why I'm still up after being at Fan Faire for the past few days. I guess I'm pumped up in a way, so glad to see that the fruits of our labor are starting to be revealed to people.

There is nothing more energizing than meeting enthusiastic people who love your work.

This year went pretty well, especially for the panels, which I was pretty happy with. Normally our panels are pretty much just Q&A sessions, but this year Gallenite asked all of us to come up with a mini presentation each that we could speak about when we started each panel.

I had some ideas in mind for what I wanted to say, but I actually just winged it for the most part, because I roll like that.

I'll probably take the time and write out something more extensive than this little post, but I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of the players of games that SOE makes, especially my EverQuest II friends. Every year I am reminded how great our players are, and how fun everyone is. I just can't get over how friendly everyone is to me. I just can't help but feel so grateful and fortunate to work on such a great game and have such great players. I don't know what I did right, but I wish I could bottle it and put it up for sale. It just feels awesome to feel this appreciated.


Adele said...

Sounds like you all had a blast! Well worth the recovery time!

Cuppycake said...

It was nice meeting you finally Steve =)

Alex said...

Hi Steve,

Great to meet you and your wife at the banquet and to also finally put that face with a name. Look forward to seeing you again in the future.

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brent said...

Was great to see you again and it looks like you're doing another wonderful job on the content of the next expansion.

Adele said...

The EQ2 devs are pretty awesome! But you really should keep up your blog more:P

Nick McLaren said...

I'm glad to hear everything went well in Vegas! Sorry I couldn't get up there this time around.

..and of course you're appreciated because you're doing a great job man!

..and appreciation does come in a bottle.. it's called "Guinness" :)

..unless it comes in a cup, in which it case I like to call it "Coffee" :)

Catch up with you later man!



Akira said...

It was nice talking with you at Fan Faire Saavedra. Hopefulyl we can speak some more over email when your less busy with milestones and of course GenCon :)

SG_01 said...

Great to meet you, Steve.

Hope to see you again one day :) Perhaps again at some Fan Faire.

- SG

Pvthudson said...

Hey Steve this is pvthudson, I talked to you at Gencon Thursday during the EQ2 Kunark display you had running. I am the one in the Mistwalkers guild. Found your blog and wanted to say thanks for the great Sarnak tour and keep up the good work!

Pvthudson said...

oops forgot to leave my site address here you go man