Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Unreal Tournament 3

I picked up Unreal Tournament 3, and was summarily disappointed. I'm a big FPS fan, and I have to say, while the game is beautiful, it is just too busy looking to be a good FPS game. There are some levels in that game that are so dense visually, that it is hard to distinguish the enemies from the backgrounds. That is a pretty major deal, when you want to play at a competitive level. On top of that, is it just me, or are the feature and level lists getting smaller every iteration of this game?

The console-esque menu system is pretty terrible, and an obvious shortcut by Epic/Midway to spare any work porting the game to console or vice versa. I just can't understand how a game that supposedly has been in the online gaming biz this long, would overlook things like how poorly their server selection page works? Highest ping at the top of the list? Huh??

The gameplay of the game, is still great, but still the same. The bots are really good still, and the feel of combat is still spot on. I guess it's the presentation, and the feeling of being utterly unable to find a target to shoot at that has me disappointed.


haslo said...

Try to play some team games, or find a server with the CustomUT mod running - both those highlight your enemies (and friends) in bright colors.

Over time I got used to the visual style and all the fluff, meanwhile I have no problems at all finding things to shoot at myself :D

Nick McLaren said...

I concur with some aspects, particularly the menu which I think is pretty horrid. Gameplay IS more of the same, but I still think the execution is spot-on and probably the best FPS I've played for the PS3 thus far. I rather enjoy it.

...and Ebon Empire is rad! That is all! =)



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