Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Loving Warhammer Online

Well, it's finally happened. After half a dozen of tries, I have found another MMO that I like. It's been a real disappointing thing to try all of these games as they come out and find out that I just don't feel motivated to log in (I'm looking at YOU Age of Conan!).

The only games that have held my interest since I started working on EverQuest 2 were of course EverQuest 2, EVE Online, and World of Warcraft.

I spent a about a week in beta, and greatly enjoyed it, so much in fact that I pre-ordered Sunday on Amazon.com just to get my pre-order code to get in on Tuesday, which I did.

I've been having a great time, despite the fact that my server has been a bit slow on the pick up in terms of Order players. I need more high elves to kill!

I'm playing a Witch Elf right now, which is the opposite of what i've been playing for most MMOS, by being a dps machine class, with no AC or hope of living through a fight. It's been pretty fun for me though, and I love scaring people when I run up on them with blades flying.

I'm currently on the Skavenblight server, but a bunch of my EQ2 buddies said they were going to try to play on Badlands, so I parked some temp characters there as well to wait and see what happens (the server has been slammed with queues).