Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Repair or No? My PS3 is Dead

My PS3 has been dead as a doornail for a few months now. It was part of that ravenous electronics breaking disease I had running rampant through my house for a few months.

I haven't replaced the thing ever since I called customer service months ago because I wasn't all that thrilled about having to spend $150.00 on what essentially is a used system, because they didnt explicity say that they would fix MINE.

Most people my shrug and say big deal, but I would be bummed out if they send me a refurbed machine minus the hardware backwards compatability in it. I inquired about whether or not I would be guaranteed it to the customer service rep, but they said they didn't know, and said I just just put a note in the box with my system. LOL. Yeah, like they will open mine, before they just send me some other random system.

So, here I am months later, with all of these blu ray movies coming out that I want, Resistance is out, LBW is out, Metal Gear Solid is out, and I'm sitting with a paperweight on the entertainment system.

I still havent decided what I should do. Part of me just wants to buy a new one outright, at least I'll know I got the latest build of the system, while the other part of me still wants the hardware backwards compat.

I still don't know what im going to do. Bleh!!


Anonymous said...
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Sam Houston said...

Couldn't you buy one and expense it at work? You ARE working on a PS3 game, right? :) ;)

Steve Kramer (a.k.a. Saavedra) said...

You would hope it would work that way, but it doesn't unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

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