Saturday, August 07, 2010

Moving On

As inevitable as the tide, change comes to us all. There have been times in my life where I was in control of the changes in my immediate sphere of influence, but there are other times where things just happen to you.

Unfortunately instead of the former, the latter took place when I parted ways with SOE last month.

I knew I was going to write here about it sooner or later, and I guess I just needed some time to get used to the idea before I did. I don't exactly have a huge audience here, and those that used to follow this blog did it purely for the inside glimpses I gave into the creation of EverQuest II and The Agency. Not that I really said all that much, I suppose.

Anyways, here I am... I'm sitting in my game room writing this post from my brand new house I just bought, wondering what I'm going to say to the world.

As far as SOE goes, I had a fantastic time there, and would do it all over again even if it resulted in the same way. I got to make some really fun content that people are enjoying as I type this, I got to work on really cool stuff that you guys have yet to see, and I worked with some really great people. I don't dare count how many friends I've made over the years of being employed at SOE, but it has to be in the hundreds.

So, what's the next step? Well, I've received a few interesting phone calls from some familiar names in regards to MMOs in development, but they are quite far away from here, and I literally made my first house payment a few days ago. To say I would be chagrin to move away from Seattle would be an understatement. If there comes a time where I have no other choice, then I may consider moving, but at this time I am looking for employment here in Washington.

Part of me wonders if I should stay in game design or explore something else. I could certainly fulfill a production role, or maybe something outside of games altogether.... outside of games? Nah!!! Lol. I love the industry too much to leave it without kicking and screaming first.

When I first started this blog one of the first things I talked about is how I got into the industry. Now this is an entirely different story. I've been steadily working for 17 years and now find myself using recruiters and applying via websites instead of using referrals because I only really know the people in my SOE circle out here. I do have a positive outlook on things though, I mean I've worked on a variety of game types in a variety of roles. I'm bound to find something, but I don't want to just work at any old company working on any old game just for the sake of employment. I have to be into what I'm working on or its all for naught, I just love gaming too much to work on something I would be miserable playing.

Anyways, that's the status update for Steve "Saavedra" Kramer. I know that the news got around because I even was getting flamed on, which is an honor of course =D. If you hear of any interesting jobs out this way let me know hehe =).


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you in your new life!

Zygwen said...

If you start looking on the East Coast, there are a lot of games studios setting up shop here in Montreal.

Stardock in Michigan is also a pretty cool company.