Friday, May 05, 2006

The Untamed Land

For quite some time now, I've been thinking about upgrading my television to HD. Being a big fan of video games, I spend quite a bit of time with my television and really want my games to shine the best they can. The big barrier the past few years for me have been the money, but as the prices on the nice 42 inch sets have been going down I've been getting more and more tempted to take the plunge.

Some of you bigger gaming fans might be aghast that a dev doesn't have a great display for his game consoles, but I just don't. San Diego is an expensive town. Anyways, I'm shopping for a new tv.

Generally I know my hardware. I build my own computers, I actually understand what all of the specs mean on video cards and game systems, but I am at a loss when it comes to television displays. I've done my research though, and I'm getting closer and closer to the decision.

Those of you that know the different types of big screen tvs don't really need a lesson in how the display things. I've done enough research that I understand it but it's the pitfalls that worry me.

LCD: I worry about refresh rate and the price.
Plasma: I worry about burn-in because I play alot of video games.
Rear Projection: I worry about the viewing angle, weight of the unit, and replacing the projection units.

The television I am currently most enamored with is the 40 inch Sony Bravia. I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm shilling for the parent company, but screen just looks fantastic to me. I also am able to slightly mitigate the Sony cost thanks to my employer, which makes the machine even more attractive to me.

There are a couple brands out there at interest me as well, namely the Panasonic line of plasma televisons, but I'm not sure if I am getting more for my dollar when it comes to price/size ratio. I generally want to stick around the 42'' range just because I don't really want something HUGE, so I'm trying to get the best tv for the price.

Suggestions and experience in buying tvs would be much appreciated though. I would especially like to hear about burn in and burn in prevention progs onboard the tvs, because I really fear ruining my machine by playing a game a couple of hours.


Damion said...

I adore my 45" Mitsubishi Diamond. No burn-in yet, although the guide tries to scare the hell out of you on the matter.

You should note that high-end TVs do break down at least once. Get the warrantee.

Steve Kramer (a.k.a. Saavedra) said...

Thanks for the advice =)

kfsone said...

It's not much but ... When you go into showrooms, they're often meticulous about arranging the TVs so that the lower priced ones are further down the chain of signal splitters, so as to reduce the apparent image quality.

I've found that you really need to work out some gimmick to go in there with and flummox the guy seeing you as a walking commission. Do something like take a PSP in and ask them to plug it into each of the TVs so you can see the signal unadulterated, and to bring out the remote so you can try out some different settings on the TV -- If they can't make the picture look bad, they'll try and make it too dark or too bright or turn the sharpness up or down to make the image less attractive than the inferior unit that costs $100 more.

Steve Kramer (a.k.a. Saavedra) said...

Heheh, great tips! Thanks!