Friday, July 07, 2006

Made Another Video and Other Stuff

As you may have gathered, I'm really terrible about posting on a regular basis. I wish I was motivated as Aggro, but ah well, what can you do? After the Commonlands re-population/questing/itemization I spent quite a bit of time trying to plan for the Echoes of Faydwer zone that I'm working on and fixing bugs for CL at the same time.

I got to spend some good quality time with EverQuest 2 the past couple of weekends. I am slowly creeping my way through the 50s with my warden in the Desert of Flames stuff. I managed to do the Roost, raid Rahotep, Meathooks, and some other guy. Do a couple of instances, do my carpet quest, finished my Jboots and gain around 3 levels.

The most fun I had probably was when I started my own pug in Clefts of Rujark. There are alot of times when I log in that I'm apathetic about getting a group going, so I just let LFG sit there while I solo and end up not getting a group at all. It seems that whenever I actively pull together a group of people it always works out better and I end up having a better time. Having the ability to kick out players who aren't playing up to snuff or are just plain annoying has it's benefits. I got to enjoy the fine experience of an admittedly 11 year old player trying to hijack my group to go whereever his 11 year old mind had the whim to take him. Boooooot!

My newest video features a little of Nektulos Forest and Nektropos Castle to the tune of Ulver. I like making these little videos I have decided, so I think I shall continue to make them from time to time.


Lonissa said...

Another nice video, I've always wanted to make them myself, but I haven't come up with an idea yet.

I always loved Nek castle, dark and mysterious, and the puzzles you needed to figure out to get through the zone were a blast :)

As an aside, I'm obviously not the only person that visits this blog (see Sitemeter)... the rest of you reading this, post some comments!

Steve Kramer (a.k.a. Saavedra) said...

You are the only one that gives me comment love =/

Greenion said...

some of us are a little shy.

that, and i can't figure out how to make my text green here...

i like the videos steve...know any freebee software to make im on a tight budget..or drop the name of the software and argz..i see if i can find it somewhere...perhaps.

The Dread Pirate Guy said...

Oh, fine. I give you comment love as well.

The vids look good. Good stuff.