Thursday, November 16, 2006

All Is Quiet

Things are very quiet here at SOE today.

Normally I do not post from here, but things are relatively calm compared to what it has been like the past several months and I felt like writing about it.

I'm very happy with how the launch went. Despite the problems with actual in store box distribution we still managed to get the game into the hands of the players via our digital download, and I'm glad that option is there. I am starting to buy games this way more and more, as I tend to not really look at the box art anymore these days and most of my cds and dvds are just on the shelf collecting dust, never to be installed again.

We made a big effort to try and launch a very large expansion with as few problems as possible. Of course some things slip through the cracks in a game as big as this, but overall I'm very happy with the quality level of the expansion. I'm proud to be a part of it.

I've spent the past couple days just running around in game and enjoying the fruits of our labors playing my beloved Saavedra. To this day I've played the same character from launch, and I rarely get hassled by players in game, which goes to show that either they don't care, or don't know that I'm a dev.

I managed to get all of my ports for the druid rings and now I feel like I'm super powered just because I can give rides to people. It's the little things that make all the difference. Back in Everquest I played a shaman and I was always jealous of the druid's ability to port people around.


Nick McLaren said...

Yeah, kudos on the essentially smooth launch. There's apparently some complaints about the combat changes, but that'll get tweaked or players will adapt. I finally got to sit down and create a Fae two nights after launch due to there not being enough time in a day to get done everything that needs to be.

I said I got to CREATE a Fae, actual PLAYING didn't happen until the next day, as my lovely girlfriend saw what I was doing over my shoulder, thought the Fae were cute and decided that SHE wanted to create one. So, of course being the loving boyfriend I am, I created my char then logged out so she could create one for herself... and proceed to learn to play EQ2 for the remaining two hours of the night. I see a possible PC purchase in the future so I can play too =P

.. and as far as people recognizing you goes, people might not have known *before* but I bet they might now that you mentioned it.. though I imagine (or would hope) that most people would be pretty respectful..

I have yet to log in my main, who is actually a barbarian shaman (well, "Mystic" in EQ2) as well, with EoF. I know I've got plenty of adventure points to earn from exploring the new areas, but I figured I'm rather enjoying my Fae at the moment. I'm sure at some point the new-ness will wear off and I'll switch again.

Anyways, enough rambling out of me.. which I have the tendency to do. Enjoy that quiet time before you get rolling hard into the NEXT expansion! =)

Haroun El Poussah said...

Just got back to EQ2 after 6 months away... so much has changed... Nice expansion