Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gold Farmers!!!!!#$#%^

I just wrote this rant on gold farmers and erased it. Let's just put it this way. No one wants a real solution to this problem more than we do.

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Hi, Steve
So... let me summarize the situation:
1. You - THE developer, can not find THE solution...
2. Your company - THE publisher, can not find the solution...

It looks like you need to open the platform more for people who WANT and CAN find a business-model that would deal with farming.

As a developer I can tell you, the problem in fact is in the architecture. High-security application is MIXED with a low-security application (world simulation). SEPARATE them. Give other people who know how to deal with: currency, trading systems, identity, economics to do it.
As I understand the LiveGamer alliance is about that. I don't believe in its success, but it's a step in the right direction IMHO.

Nick McLaren said...


I'm intrigued, but am not clear as to what you mean by "SEPARATE them", so if you'd be willing to clarify or give a rough example, that would be appreciated.

You do make it sound as if you have it all figured out, so I for one would LOVE to hear more detail. It would make for a good discussion at the very least.



Nick McLaren said...

I was kind of hoping he'd actually respond. /sigh