Sunday, June 29, 2008

Age of Conan

I want to do a couple of updates. Let's start with Age of Conan!

So far the verdict is, I'm not gettin' it. It's pretty when you really look at the details, I really appreciate that. Right now, at level 11 I still feel very walled in though, and I just don't feel like I can explore the world to my heart's content. So far I've fought some Pic guys, some lions, some panthers, some crocs and some guards. I'm wondering where the other ecology is sometimes.

I picked a PVP roleplay server, but not much in the way of roleplay is going on. It's probably because I'm a noob, and this game wants me to play by myself all the time in these nighttime instances.

I finally figured out where to go for some PVP action, which quickly resulted in my being killed in 10 seconds by a guy that is going around only killing girl characters and advertising his "No Girls Allowed" guild (lol! *shakes head*). I'm not sure what he is getting out of being level 20 and killing level 10 peeps, but hey more power to him, he's officially on the to-do *list* now.

It's my hope that the world opens up more when I get away from this island. Right now it's feeling a little cramped for me, especially after developing Timorous Deep.

I've tried a Barbarian out so far, and a Necro. I stuck with the necro to level 11, but even now I'm wondering how I will be playing this character in 20 levels. I think I may start up yet another new char, but I really want to get away from this area, and I think my necro is my only hope at this point.


Troy Christensen said...

I am totally with you on your perception of AOC. I was so geeked when I heard about it, and then was pumped when I saw at it San Francisco GDC. But when I actually started playing the game, I felt totally alienated. This world should have grabbed me and never let go, and after 25th level I was looking for any kind of excuse not to play it any longer.

They could have done so much with the details of the game; yet, the world seems barren, devoid, and stark or any real substance.

Anonymous said...

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