Sunday, June 29, 2008

I've been playing alot of TF2

Since i've gotten an internet connection at home, I've been playing quite a bit of TF2. They released the medic patch while I was on hiatus from the computer, and since then have also updated the Pyro.

The unfortunate byproduct of that is everyone is playing a Medic and Pyro and none of them know what the hell they are doing. I'm watching medics trying to heal sentry guns, heal engineers that have full health, they are healing each other, and completely ignoring heavies and soldiers. It's actually getting pretty frustrating.

The pyro has gotten a much needed boost to its power, but that means everyone is trying to play them, so it basically looks like San Diego in the fall with everything on fire all the time. It's perfectly easy to deal with them if anyone wanted to actually heal the soldiers or heavies, so I again have been ending up frustrated.

I end up falling back on my favorite class time and time again because of all of this, and keep running engineer, but I just get tired of it after a while. They never seem to learn that my sentry is amazing, and so am I, so they just keep running at it like lemmings with those flame throwers, dying left and right. I don't really even have to work at it, it's pretty sad.

Ever want to play with me? The name is Wookieballs[UVM][GP]


Anonymous said...

Check out the Gamers With Jobs TF2 server. Good people, and they know how to smoke out a sentry :)

You have to join the GWJ Steam community to play on their servers, but that's painless.

All the details here:

The Dread Pirate Guy said...

Jen added you. She plays as well.