Thursday, May 28, 2009

What are your thoughts on Darkfall?

I'm intrigued by the game Darkfall, and am considering getting into it. Has anyone that happens upon this blog played it and have any thoughts on it? I'm curious what you think about it.

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Anonymous said...

I personally think its one of the only true "MMOs" in the old sense to be released in a long long time. The handcrafted seamless world without zones or instances is a huge plus. The threatening world forces people to band together and socialize, or, if you want to take the hard road, you can become a lonely hermit hiding from gankers and trying to live that way. Or if you're particularly good, a lone hunter that people begin to fear (its a long road to get there solo).

The advanced monster AI makes what consider many to be a PvP centric game also a very good PvE game.

The downsides, the GUI is wonky, and the controls are difficult to get used to. Its a very different game, so it needs very different controls. The game also lacks a fair bit of polish due to the size and budget of the dev team.

For the in between... you can master almost any skill in the game if you try, but you only need a handful to be successful. Some go into the game wanting to get them all, so they grind and grind and burn themselves out. Others just play the game and let their skills level as they have fun.

If you've got any more questions, ask, I'll answer, been playing on and off since its launch.