Friday, August 27, 2010

"I've been cyber-stalking you" LoL! 0.0

You are probably going to think this is pretty silly of me, but for some odd reason during the past month + of looking for a new company to melt faces for, it never occurred to me that a prospective employer might happen upon my barely read blog.

Well it so happens that this fine blog was brought up yesterday in an interview, and I just had to laugh... "So... a Justin Bieber MMO?".

I guess I picked a bad time to throw my journalistic integrity out the window eh?

Not that I had much in the first place, this blog was more of a place to talk about games because I have a journal elsewhere that talks about my personal life more. I found more often than not, that my friends were getting pretty tired of listening to me talk about EverQuest II, probably because most of them were WoW players (heh).

The reality is, I just have too much game geek in me, and If I weren't in the game industry, I would be doing this kind of thing full blown, because I am just that kind of person.

I guess maybe I should keep the Kotaku style headlines off the blog for a bit hahaha.

To distract you I submit this pic of one of my dogs when she was a puppy.

Sabrina's Sweet Face


The Dread Pirate Guy said...

It truly is a small world after all.

The Dread Pirate Guy said...

In other news, Justin Bieber apparently punched a 12 year old in the face today.

Perhaps you can implement that into a quest.

Meili said...

Pfft, don't you know most employers will Google job applicants now? :P

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