Saturday, September 04, 2010

PAX: Who Cares?

PAX is going on about a 30 minute drive away from me, and yet another year goes by where I miss it. This time around I have family coming into town today and I have to get my house set up for a big get together with everyone tomorrow. Last year, I think I was so busy on The Agency it just came and went and I forgot about it.

I really want to go, but then I tell myself how much it sucks to park downtown in Seattle to try and convince myself that I'm not missing out, then I hear that the Minibosses played last night and a tear rolls down my face.

FUCK! I'm missing PAX again and I live in Seattle!! Now I'm seeing videos of Duke Nukem "Fornever" Forever coming from PAX and I'm not there! Also some of my old EQ2 buddies are out there hanging out. I have such awful timing.

Oh and I missed Sakura Con this year because I was so entrenched in buying a house it came and went without me knowing about it. Where the heck were my reminder emails? I gave them all that info the year before! Gah aggro!!

Now I go mow grass... that's right! MOW GRASS instead of being at the biggest game convention for gamers by gamers.

You know what? EFF PAX!! WHO CARES!? Who wants to go to that stinky Fun Yun and Mountain Dew fest anyways? I hate gamers! I hate games!

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