Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Starting a New Gig This Week

I received a written offer of employment yesterday, so that pretty much makes it official that I'll soon be working again. I was supposed to start next week, but I just got a call that they would like for me to come in on Friday and get my orientation going so, I guess I start a new job this week.

The company? They are called Hidden Path Entertainment. You are probably familiar with their awesome tower defense game "Defense Grid"that was on several platforms.

I can't talk about what I'll be working on yet, but once they announce it I'm sure I'll be just as obtuse about my work as I've always been.

So, why Hidden Path Entertainment? When I met the team I just could tell how passionate they are about what they do. They are a small but very experienced team, they aren't afraid to push their limits and work on a variety of projects and game genres, they are family oriented, and they are local.

I had several opportunities come up over the past 7 weeks that were out of state, and while they were very tempting, especially the big name MMO guys that came my way, I just really wanted to stay here and enjoy the new house, the fact my wife has a new job, and just the general atmosphere of the Seattle area, which I'm just way into still.

Anyways, that's whats been going down!


Drake Sigar said...

Congratulations Steve. Defense Grid certainly garnered a lot of praise. I have nothing but blessings to bestow upon the little guys who continue to show huge developers that it takes more than a large sack of cash to make a quality game.

Zygwen said...

Grats on the new job.